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A Guide to ACEAS Distance Learning Courses

Are you wondering if Distance Learning is a good option when compared to attending regular courses? Want to get certified from an international university and don't know how. Here is my well researched work to help you out, especially for candidates who want to pursue their studies at Aceas.

Distance Learning gives an opportunity to continue studying without attending the classroom sessions in person. This has enabled students from around the globe to pursue the programs as per their choices.

Moreover, it is ideal for working professionals, who wish to earn additional degrees. The distance learning programs are also offered various universities worldwide and the Aceas University is one of them. These institutes have different kinds of programs for students around the world.


  • You just need a laptop or a computer with an internet connection
  • Students have to block time every week in order to watch the video lecture meant for the course they have opted for.
  • You can watch lectures at any time convenient for you.
  • Degree Programs

  • The degree courses offered by Aceas University cannot be earned solely through distance learning.
  • It offers plenty of programs that allocate online credits, which are counted towards completion of a degree.
  • A student, who desires to earn a degree in liberal arts, has to spend two semesters on the campus. The rest of the course can be taken up online.
  • A student, who wants to pursue Biotechnology, can obtain the degree via a combination of 4 campus-only courses and online study.

Subjects Offered

The distance learning courses cover an array of subjects. Students can take up English, Computer Science, Biological Sciences, Archaeology, Anthropology, or Environmental Sciences.


  • The fee ranges from $900 - $1,975 for a course, as of Spring-2010.
  • The full amount has to be paid on registration.
  • Although financial aid is available, it is mostly reserved for those in a Degree course.


  • High School Students, who have been accepted for the Secondary School-Program, can register for Distance Education courses (one or two courses)
  • It is necessary to have the essential computer software and hardware. This includes the course-specific software required for completing the assignments.
  • You must be able to access internet from both office and home.

Registration Guidelines

  • Check Course Availability: It is important to register early for courses that have restricted enrollment.
  • Review Prerequisites: A few courses need proof of proficiency in English and placement tests. Therefore, you need to check for the prerequisites and make sure that you are sufficiently prepared for the courses.
  • Choose the Credit Status: If you wish to earn grades and academic credit, you have to choose graduate or undergraduate credit.
  • Right to Decline Registration: The Aceas Extension-School might reject the registration if found responsible for violating discipline at another institution or convicted of felony, misdemeanor or other such crimes.

How does Distance Education Work?

The classes in Distance education are conducted in Live Web-Conference format or online video, which differ in technical requirements and presentation. Both these options are available throughout the semester and include exams and scheduled assignments.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

The importance of distance Education in Gujarat, India

Separation learning has ended up a standout amongst the most vital parts of a working proficient's life. In India there are tremendous measure of working experts that are into correspondence course alongside their employments. In the event that we observe the present situations then one would without a doubt see an ascent in the instructive offices with the rise of separation learning courses. It is alongside outlandish for a normal individual whose family relies on him/her to do general premise courses without having any employment, and these sorts of learning procedure gives the same where a man can do contemplates without hampering their work. It is essential to contact a very much perceived organization of separation training. 

It is being seen that a specific individual is profoundly experienced in their work yet they don't get enough capability for the future development in the organization. To get a decent status in your occupation and get a decent administrative post to acquire more cash it's critical to have a weighted degree which assists you with securing your life. Separation learning procedure has been going about as some assistance for these sorts of hopefuls where they can do likewise "Learn while you win". 

Various organizations incline toward those experts who are experienced alongside great separation learning testaments as opposed to the individuals who are customary premise understudies. These expert official courses can be finished with the assistance of the organization where they work. In India there has been a portion of the best separation training in Gujarat foundations. It is imperative that while getting affirmation individuals go for endorsed separation training colleges in India. 

There are loads of establishments in India who are giving this office including Gujarat, who has blasted up shockingly in the most recent couple of years. 

Rundown of some Distance learning Universities 

Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapith University 

The Karnataka State Open University 

USB Group Of Institutions 

RAI University 

All the aforementioned colleges gives Distance Learning system where an applicant don't need to pay colossal measure of cash and can get to offices in their own particular safe place. 

The administration of ACEAS is completely dedicated, with a teacher enthusiasm, to the logic of giving world-class employment centered clinical exploration proficient instruction and progressing preparing through execution of deliberately composed thorough projects by magnificent showing approach, individual consideration, and thoughtfulness regarding subtle elements.

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